Here's Pitr

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Shut up Pitr

Image of Shut up Pitr

Obviously, everyone loves when Pitr talks, right? And OBVIOUSLY no one thinks he does it too much, or interrupts people uncontrollably, or ruins perfectly decent conversations because he needs attention and has no impulse control. But HYPOTHETICALLY, if they DID think that... well, then this coin would be a pretty terrific thing to have on hand, right?

Take the power into your own hands with this shiny bit of Shut the Fuck Up (results may vary, satisfaction not guaranteed, sometimes he just will not shut up). Seize the means of interruption now, because supplies of this exclusive Here's Pitr/Film Reroll crossover coin are limited! What's the Film Reroll, you ask? Crawl out from under that rock and visit

Artwork by Evelyn (
Graphic Design by Pitr Strait & Christopher Lackey